What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose. It is an opioid antagonist. This means that it attaches to opioid receptors and reverses and blocks the effects of other opioids. Naloxone can quickly restore normal breathing to a person if their breathing has slowed or stopped because of an opioid overdose. But, naloxone has no effect on someone who does not have opioids in their system, and it is not a treatment for opioid use disorder. Examples of opioids include heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone (OxyContin®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), codeine, and morphine.

Where can I get naloxone?

Many pharmacies carry naloxone. In California, you can get naloxone from a pharmacist even if your doctor did not write you a prescription for it. It is also possible to get naloxone from community-based distribution programs, local public health groups, or local health departments, free of charge.

A New PATH is a local San Diego agency that provides free opioid prevention & response training in San Diego County. At the training, they will teach you about the causes of opioid overdose and how to recognize and respond to an overdose, including administering an opioid antagonist (naloxone). You will leave the training with naloxone. Learn more by clicking here.

How to use naloxone

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about naloxone

Naloxone Brochure

PDF - Naloxone 

Naloxone Toolkit - San Diego County Office of Education 


To promote awareness and aid districts in obtaining naloxone, a life-saving drug that reverses an opioid overdose, the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) has gathered a variety of resources to provide instruction and guidance in this process. SDCOE recommends all county districts partner with the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).


Supporting documents and information are below.

California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) — Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP) Website 

California DHCS — Naloxone Distribution (NDP) Flyer

California DHCS — Naloxone Distribution (NDP) Overview

California DHCS — Naloxone Distribution (NDP) Frequently Asked Questions

California DHCS — Naloxone Distribution (NDP) Application

Template — Standing Physician Orders

Sample — Naloxone Policy and Procedure

Sample— Opioid Antagonist Board Policy

Overview — Assembly Bill #1748, Chapter 557

Overview — CA Education Code Section 49414.3

Additional Naloxone Resources